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March 2008

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villagemonkey86 in rossif_fans

another awesome Rossif article!!

The Sutherland clan expands its film empire
Rossif In Poor Boy's Game
Jay Stone
CanWest News Service

Thursday, September 13, 2007

There's Donald and Kiefer and Francine Racette. You'd think the last thing the Sutherland family would need is another actor.

But it seems like they're getting one.

Rossif Sutherland is the latest Sutherland to enter the world of movie stardom with his first leading role. He plays a troubled young boxer named Donnie in the Clement Virgo film Poor Boy's Game, which had its premiere screening this week at the Toronto film festival. The son of actors Francine Racette and Donald, and the half-brother of Kiefer (and also brother of Angus, yet another up-and-coming Sutherland), Rossif co-stars with Danny Glover as a young man who must come to terms with both prejudice and a thirst for justice.

His acting career began in New York City. Sutherland then moved to L.A., where he got a few roles, but found his many rejections were wearing him down.

Things changed at his audition for Poor Boy's Game. The only problem was that Sutherland was overweight. He's 6-foot-5 and he weighed 210 pounds. He began to work out and dropped 30 pounds in three months. By coincidence, Rossif had also started taking boxing lessons six months earlier because "my younger brother [Angus] and I wanted to do something together and we thought we should punch each other."

Donald Sutherland went through the Poor Boy's Game screenplay with Rossif and helped him study the part.

And Donald was there again with Racette at the Toronto premiere. "It was very touching," Rossif said.

"I guess I've waited for last night for quite some time. It felt good. It was a real celebration of us as a family."